J.a.h 3 Point One4 has been a middle of the road political enthusiast since his early teens. Along with his interest in politics, he had also been a registered Democrat until the 2016 election. After witnessing decades of neglect in the Black community at the hands of the Democrat Party, J.a.h 3 Point One4 became a strong supporter of Donald J. Trump for President. And, is a Proud Registered (Trump) Republican Today!!! 

Through Hip-Hop music, J.a.h 3 Point One4 is on a mission to remind (and educate) the World of the true racist (and violent) history of Democrats in the United States. Much of Democrats’ history includes beliefs and behaviors they still embrace today. 

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After being honorably discharged from the military, J.a.h 3 Point One4 opened a gym and started a music production company. Six years in, J.a.h 3 Point One4 decided to pursue a doctorate in clinical psychology. And, given the demanding nature of becoming a clinical psychologist, J.a.h 3 Point One4 reluctantly closed his gym and discontinued his music pursuits to focus on his studies. 

Today as a Clinical Psychologist Intern, the current COVID-19 pandemic led to the postponement of internships, which has allowed J.a.h 3 Point One4 to focus on his politically influenced Hip-Hop music, once again. 

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